Winter in Europe’s Cities

Winter means one thing to many people – cold weather. And in a bid to escape it we flee to sunnier shores in search of a bit of much needed warmth. But regardless of the wind, rain and even snow in some case there are some fantastic things to do in Europe over the winter months. has selected some of the best places to visit for a real winter wonderland experience, here are just a few.

Paris, France

The home of luxurious patisseries, delectable delicacies and mouth-watering wines, Paris is a treat on the eyes too with some of the most incredible architecture, art and fashion to be seen on the continent. Once you’ve satisfied your appetite for food, your appetite for culture will be filled to the brim and bursting thanks to the cities array of attractions. While the afternoon away in a gallery and enjoy beautiful artwork from the masters of their craft, venture up to the Eiffel Tower or enjoy the view from below while enjoying a glass of the finest Bordeaux as the snow floats down, highlighted by the spotlights that illuminate the most iconic sight of Paris. Wrap up warm and see what the city has to offer on foot, a cold day in Paris is as romantic as it gets.

Berlin, Germany

Venture over to Germany for the festive season and you’ll wish that it was Christmas every day. The city is considered to be home to the best Christmas Markets in Europe with some regarding them as the best in the world. There are as many as 50 markets throughout Berlin but the most popular is the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche with around 2 million visitors each year. This traditional market offers jewellery, artwork and conventional Christmas-themed gifts for everyone, as well as an array of wonderful tasty German food and drink. But not just that, Berlin is a city of great culture and beauty so once you’ve had enough of the festivities you can explore so much more.

Athens, Greece

Unlike the summer months where swathes of tourists line the streets, melt into the local attractions and occupy every available table in each bar and restaurant; winter in Athens is something entirely different. Towards the end of November and into December its cold but the weather is still mild so you can spend a day outdoors without freezing. Although many of the souvenir shops close down for the end of the season, bars and restaurants are occupied by locals, attractions can be seen and photographed without having to wait for a gap in the crowd and accommodation is considerably cheaper. Exploring world-famous cities when the crowds have dwindled is an experience you must have, and winter is the perfect time for it.

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