The Florida Everglades

Most people know Florida by its reputation of sunny sandy beaches and Citrus fruits, where young people go to party and rich old people go to take advantage of the 0% state tax.

Let me introduce you to a different side of Florida – the Everglades. In the southern reaches of the state is a swampland known as the Everglades national park. It is the largest subtropical wilderness area in the US, and its third largest national park, behind only the national parks of Yellowstone and Death Valley. However it is a far, far different place than both.

Imagine a massive river of slow moving, ever shifting grass, sliding among the ferns of the mangrove trees as the unseen waters constantly shape and reshape the landscape. This enigmatic fauna is a godsend to people who love the great outdoors. It is a home to alligators, turtles, snakes, cranes and numerous other swamp creatures, and the only place in the world where such a vast variety of majestic marsh country species can be seen and explored.

In order to find your way around the Everglades national park, you would want to attain the assistance of a local park ranger before embarking on a hike through the swamps’ wildlife environment. An experienced guide could make a huge difference in transforming your experience from lackluster to extraordinary, as some of the wildlife creatures can be hard to track down and spot for the untrained eye.

While there, you may also want to take an air-boat ride through the everglades, be it slow or fast, or even if you decide to go in with a canoe, you are guaranteed to be in for a treat. Some of the Everglades areas are easier to visit with a boat, none more famous than the Gator Park, located in the heart of the Everglades. The water side view from the air-boat tour is promised to grant you a unique perspective of the swamps; and with over 200,000 alligators in that park alone, you can rest assure the park will deliver on the promise.

This country side is so primal, that when reaching modern civilization to the northern part of the state, the stark contrast is sure to make the never-ending swamps you have just left seem like nothing more than a distant memory… one that you will surely cherish.

Last, but far from least, I try to always play a US Powerball ticket while I’m there. Florida’s 0% state tax makes the visit a perfect time to win millions in the lottery, if you ever plan on doing so. And after seeing the great outdoors, it is hard not to feel fortunate on your way home.

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