Welcome to Florida, where there is a theme park for everything. And we do mean everything. Watersports? You’ve got it. Movie studio rides? Step right this way and don’t forget to check out the theme park built from Lego too. But the truth is that the many theme parks are just the tip of iceberg of things to do in Florida. If you want a fun adventure holiday here, we’ve got you covered.


I can’t really talk about Florida without touching on Disney World. It’s just not possible. It’s too embedded into the place. You’ll start to notice it as soon as you get off the plane. You’ll see at least one sign welcoming you to the place where Disney truly comes alive. If you want my advice, I recommend that you stay in one of the park hotels. That way you can get a shuttle to take you all over the forty square miles of land. As well as this, you can even hire a car that will take you from Disney to Universal Studios for the day. You’ll get the best of both worlds and stay right in the magic. The biggest question about Disney is when to go. The answer? Right now. The crowds aren’t big; the weather’s not too hot, and you won’t be in hurricane season. Pack your bags!


The Florida swamps and marshes won’t be for everyone. Even people who are typically invested in wildlife might hate the bugs and mosquitos. But it is an experience like no other and you can rent your own hovercraft. It’s quite similar to rent a boat, and you’ll soon get the hang of guiding it around the marshes. You will also be in the land or alligators, and if you’re lucky, you’ll catch an eye of one or two. Although most people miss them completely. Submerged they look an awful lot like pieces of wood in the water. As I said, there’s a theme park for everything in America. So, if hovercrafting isn’t for you and you still want to catch a glimpse of a croc head to Gator Land. You’ll see plenty there.


Do you love watersports? Well then, why not go and book a trip to Aktion Parks. The whole estate is a massive water park for families. You can try your luck at wakeboarding there. wakeboarding is such a cool experience. You’ll be launched off land, riding a board. A speed boat will plough through the water dragging you behind. If you can keep control, you’re in for an incredible ride. But it make take a little practice before you manage that. Luckily, there are wakeboards for sale online if you want to get started before your vacation.


There’s a ride in Disney wonderfully titled Mission: Space. It’s quite old now, but the tech is still incredible. It will hurl you around in a tight container, causing you to experience a fake shift in gravity. By doing this, it feels as though you truly have lifted off into space. It is incredible, and the experience is so realistic many people experience sickness. But if you want to see real rockets you’re in the perfect place. Head over to the Florida space centre and you might even witness a real rocket launch.

You see, no matter what you want, there is an adventure awaiting everyone in Florida.

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