European Sun Escapes: Budget-Friendly Getaways

Trip To The Algarve

Algarve is a destination that has won several travel awards; it is the answer to sun worshippers with favorable climate throughout the year, fantastic golf courses, fabulous attractions and sweeping sandy beaches. Albufeira is where all the action is packed in Algarve, to say the least; it is the place that put Algarve on the travel map­čśä­čśä. The picturesque ancient town of Albufeira is teemed with pavement cafes and boutiques whilst the modern resort is lined up with the main strip that springs into action at sundown.┬á You can find villas or budget apartments here to enjoy all the beach fun in Albufeira.

Lagos is a popular location for laid back beach experience; it is ideal for surfers, architectural lovers and ideal for budget travelers. Villas in Lagos are less expensive compared to places such as Albufeira and Vilamoura making it a more affordable break.

Holiday In Majorca

France is an intriguing holiday destination, it has been for ages and it is easy to see why; each of its twenty regions offer their own unique charm, cultures and attractions making it an ideal destination for caravan experiences­čśä­čśä. A caravan holiday in France leads you to explore different regions at a time visiting its┬ácharming villages, rolling hills, medieval towns and cities and its gorgeous beaches. In each region you will enjoy fine meals and wines well associated with the regions, at the end of it all you will discover that a caravan holiday in France makes you enjoy all that it has to offer. You might enjoy it so much you start looking at┬ácaravans for sale┬áthere!

If you have never been to Spain, Majorca gives you a fanciful insight of the mainland in a sizeable manner. It is however not a cheap island, in fact hotels here are some of the most expensive in Spain, the government even put a ban on opening anything less than a three star, so its touristic model really is that of St Tropez­čśä­čśä. That however should not be the reason not to enjoy the European sun in Majorca, for instance you can travel during off seasons, eat and dine like a local and enjoy the free attractions in Majorca, not forgetting taking advantage of the lunch time meal which is normally cheap and usually three courses and a glass of wine. If you are travelling with a family then a┬áholiday in Majorca┬áis a perfect solution as there are so many┬á child friendly options available.

Caravan Holiday In France

There is something fascinating about spending holidays on islands, it is even more fascinating about the Majorca Island, it is no ordinary island, and in fact it is nicknamed as the Pearl of the Mediterranean. It has so much to offer from pristine beaches, caves, expressive architecture, fine Spanish wines and sea delicacies and impressive art galleries.

With all its variety and attractions, France is definitely not a cheap destination but a caravan holiday is the best way to have it all at a cheaper rate.

For those seeking the rolling waves and hills, the West Coast of France is the place to caravan;­čśä­čśä from the famed beaches of Vendee all the way through the Gironde to Gascony you will find a perfect spot to enjoy. If you are yearning for gentler waves and more European sunshine, the coasts of Provence and Languedoc Roussillon offer you the sophisticated delights of the French Riviera.


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